Isaac and Abimelech, Genesis 26:1-33


Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” –Matthew 5:9

You may read Genesis 26:1-33 here: Bible Gateway.

Genesis 26 precedes Genesis 25:21-34 chronologically. Layman’s Bible Commentary points out: “If Isaac and Rebekah had Jacob and Esau by this point, the fact that they were husband and wife would have been obvious. Here, the promised seed is with Isaac and Rebekah, but no child has yet been born.”

Like Father, Like Son   fowl-language-comics-do-as-i-say-28bc8d56e19b08188b1883b1fc8deeb2

While Isaac is mentioned in other chapters, he is the main character in Genesis 26. The following parallels emerge between Isaac and his father, Abraham, in their life events:

  • Isaac travels to Gerar—the land of the Philistines—when famine strikes (vs. 1-6). This is the same area Abraham and Sarah journeyed after Sodom’s destruction (20:1).
  • Due to famine, Isaac plans on travelling to the same place that Abraham went: Egypt (12:10-20).
  • The Lord appears…

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