This is Holy Week

r e F o c u s

This week as believers, we celebrate highest highs and lowest lows in the pivotal moments of our faith. Today we meet Christ with shouts of “Hosanna!” and wave palm branches of praise to welcome him to Jerusalem.

But what we welcome Him to is actually the beginning of the end; we praise Him into Gethsemane, we usher him to the mount of Calvary. And even as we shout with joy today, our hearts know what this week holds – the Last Supper, Good Friday, the dark silence of Saturday.

easterloveAnd in those lowest lows, we grieve. We are sad. Our shouts are silenced.

But oh, the glory that awaits us. Oh, the joy that is coming. Oh, for Sunday morning with the Light breaks through the darkness, and our shouts return, this time with eternity in the strains, for this time we will shout to a risen Savior…

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