Samaritan's Song

I hear a lot that Christians can “vote with their wallet.”

When I hear that phrase it’s almost always in reference to a boycott: don’t spend your money here, or here, or at that one place, or on that one thing.  The act of not-spending becomes a form of group protest, an inherently political act.  That’s all well and good for those who are interested in it, but I’d like to focus on spending money, not withholding it, and why and where we should.

I’m not talking about tithing; this goes beyond that.  I’m not talking about charity, either, or the general sort of generosity that prompts us to give to the homeless or the soup kitchen.  I’m talking about a sort of giving above and beyond those Christian acts: giving as a vote of confidence and an expression of support and love.

Do you enjoy a local Christian singing…

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