The reaction to my comments on Creflo Dollar  Why Creflo Dollar is not Welcome in Scotland has been astonishing. Especially from a number of Christians who are hurt/annoyed/angry/disappointed/shocked/horrified…..

Rather than deal with the many responses which vary from the ‘how dare you criticise the anointed prophet of the Lord’ to the ‘I’m not sure if its very nice or correct to speak publicly in this way – why not just have a quiet word? approach.   I was just going to let it all go until I received this astonishing message from a Church of Scotland minister, Rev Alexis Campbell. I reproduce it in full.

I write as a minister of the Church of Scotland who is also a partner with Creflo Dollar Ministries. wonder, Mr Robertson, if you have actually listened to Creflo, or read any of his material?

 Like you, I struggled with the idea that God…

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