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Green dragonDealing with problem people in the church is the experience of all pastors, leaders, and congregations. Since difficult people are all too common in the church today, Christians have wondered how to best approach and help them. Marshall Shelley’s “Well-Intentioned Dragons” seeks to be that help. Shelley uses a strong metaphor of a dragon to describe “well-meaning saints who drive pastors to distraction and sap the vitality from the church” (p. 9). And the book addresses how to best approach such dragons in a God-honoring fashion. It desires to equip the reader with principles so that they may minister and help dragons in their congregation

Author: Marshall Shelley is the Vice President of Christianity Today International and Editor of the Leadership Journal. He is a graduate of Denver Seminary.

Summary:  The chapter titles are as follows: (1) Complex Conflicts, (2) Identifying a Dragon, (3) Personal Attacks, (4) The Play for Power…

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