The Parable of the Four Soils

My Heart is for Israel

To Be Like Yeshua Means – To Understand the Parables of the Kingdom

We have spent a good deal of time in the Gospel of Matthew sitting at the feet of Yeshua to learn directly from Him what it means to be His talmidim.   We have learned that we have to serve and affirm others.  In this post, we will continue to learn about the Christian Torah as we explore To Be like Yeshua Means to Understand the Parables of the Kingdom.

Yeshua captivated His listeners by presenting the truth in terms that they could understand.  In Matthew 13 we find no less than eight different images from the work world.  Clearly, Yeshua knew how to relate to the world in which everyday people lived and worked.  Using parables, Yeshua frequently spoke about the nature of His Kingdom.

Our Lord’s use of parables puzzled the disciples.  He had used some…

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