Brexit for Australia – And Others!


It’s strange to be in Australia at this particular juncture.   For a start it’s snowing! And then there is the small matter of the Australian elections coming up at the end of this week. But of most fascination is watching the post-Brexit fall out through Australian eyes. I have been reading the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian as well as being an avid watcher of ABC News and listener to the radio.   Despite the apocalyptic hysteria I observe on social media from home, one thing is clear, the end of the world has not happened, and things will move on regardless of our little local difficulty.

There were different perceptions about what had happened. One commentator called it “a win for xenophobia and economic resentment.” But the main comments were positive – The Australians headline was positive “Britannia Rules again as the Bulldog Bites.” There was some admiration…

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