A Smooth Note-Taking Workflow for Drafts 4 and Logos in iOS

Words on the Word

I’ve got a sweet Logos–>Drafts 4 workflow I’ve been using on the iPad for a few months now. (I find Logos’s iOS app to be significantly zippier than its Mac counterpart.) Allow me to demonstrate, using Harold W. Hoehner’s excellent Ephesians commentary.

1. Open up Logos in iOS.

Here’s Hoehner’s lovely commentary.


2. Tap selected text to bring up highlighting and share options.

I’ve got Drafts open with Logos in Split View, just so you can see them together. All these steps work with Drafts not visible, however.


3. Select Drafts in the share option.


4. Now you can “Capture” to send the selected text right to Drafts OR prepend (add to the beginning) or append (add to the end) to an existing draft. (!)


If you do Prepend or Append, Drafts comes up to let you choose where to put your text.


5. When you’re…

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