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Just how many commentaries are there on the market today?

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Taken from Best Commentaries, this list consists of 234 different commentary series (with the exception of a few, i.e., NSBT). Disregarding the fact that some biblical books come packed together in certain commentaries, 234 different series multiplied by the 66 books of the Bible comes out to a whopping 15,444 commentaries. Unless you’re Richie Rich and you have discovered the fountain of youth, you’re not giong to be reading 15,444 commentaries within the span of your life. And why would you want to? Some are very dated, others just aren’t good. So how are you supposed to be able to choose which commentary is the right one?

John F. Evans provides us with his 10th edition of A Guide to Biblical Commentaries and Reference Works. His first edition came out in 1989, and 27 years later scholars…

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