Pseudepigrapha Saturday: Eldad and Modad

The Biblical Review

Introduction to the Text:

Unlike texts for which an entire document or multiple fragments exists (i.e. Jubilees, Maccabees, Pseudo-Phocylides, Theodotus, etc.), the Book of Eldad and Modad is only cited one time within a second century Christian work called the Shepherd of Hermas. The text says the following:

“The LORD is near to those who turn (to him),” as it is written in the (book of) Eldad and Modad, who prophesied in the desert to the people.

– Hermas, Vision, 2.3.4

This brief citation from the Book of Eldad and Modad expands upon an occurrence in Numbers 11:26. In Numbers 11:25, Eldad, Modad, and the rest of the elders prophesy, altogether 70. Accordingly they stopped proph a person report to Moses that they are still prophesying, Moses “Are you jealous for my sake? I wish that all the Lord’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put his Spiriesying and…

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