What Does Yeshua Say About the End Times – Part 6

My Heart is for Israel

The Olivet Discourse grew out of some questions the talmidim asked when Yeshua told them that the Temple would one day be destroyed.  First, they wanted to know when.  That answer is not recorded in Matthew but is given in Luke 21:20-24.[1]  Second, they asked about the sign of Yeshua’s return or the sign of the end of the age.  This is answered in Matthew 24:29-44 which we will get today.  It is the period of “Tribulation” that Yeshua described in the Olivet Discourse.  At the end of that period, Yeshua will return to the earth, defeat His foes, and establish the promised kingdom during His millennial rule.

In this post, we will begin to unpack what Matthew reports as the signs of Yeshua’s return to inaugurate His millennial rule.

Coming of the Son of Man

Second Coming Edited

“But immediately following the trouble of those times, the sun will…

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