Scotland – the Most Tolerant Nation in the World?

The Manic Street Preachers – If you Tolerate this then your Children will be Next

Earlier this month The Scotsman and The Courier both carried articles which boasted about Scotland becoming a more ‘tolerant’ nation.   The Scotsman even ran an editorial which was as good an example of hubristic self-congratulation as one could wish for.  I wrote the following letter in response.  The Courier published it but The Scotsman refused – I suspect because I critiqued their editorial and one thing a tolerant society must not allow is for its chief opinion formers to be questioned!

Dear Editor, 

There is a certain degree of hubris in the self-congratulatory tone in the article and editorial about Scotland becoming more tolerant (Scotsman 1st October).  Apart from questioning the methodology of whether a limited survey of attitudes actually tells us what the practice is, the real problem is the definition…

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