A Curator’s Guide — An Exploration into Revelation

Daniel B. Wallace

img_9080We will complete this series with a recommended reading list for Revelation, with Rob Bowman providing a helpful introduction.



“There are innumerable bad books on the Book of Revelation. The number of good commentaries and studies on the subject, though no doubt much smaller, is too large for anyone to read or even to consult them all when studying Revelation or a particular passage in it. This bibliography therefore presents a highly selective list of references of relevance to the serious study of the Book of Revelation. Even so, I have listed double the number of works here that I list for other NT books in this series of bibliographic essays. The criteria for inclusion here are as follows. (1) Priority is given to the most current and most thorough references. This does not mean I think newer is necessarily better. However, the newer works often helpfully review the…

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