Honesty, smells, Hitler, and spoons

The Lions Den

Scripture presents the correct scent. Always. God’s word tells us all about great swelling words, fair speeches, ministers of righteousness, and many antichrists. The truly alert can smell truth and can distinguish roses from sewers.

In a recent thread, the accusation was made that Christianity was responsible for the death of 6 million Jews. Doncha tire of this blatant attempt to cast God’s word as weak, and God’s people as evil? Image result for spoons

Key word there: accusation. It is one thing to accuse someone, it is quite another thing to accuse someone falsely. A man busted for speeding his auto admitted to his crime and therefore stood rightly accused. Another man was accused of killing his neighbor; meanwhile he was 10,000 miles away at the time of the crime. He was acquitted of course, as he was falsely accused.  Accusations are a dime a dozen, and false accusations are even more expensive…

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