Who Faces the Greater Threat- Sir Alan Duncan or Israel?



Last week I predicted that Israel would be a major issue in 2017 – it was not exactly the gift of foresight, its 100 years since the Balfour Declaration and the existence of this one small state has been a major issue ever since the Second World War. But nonetheless I was surprised to see the ‘prophecy’ coming true with a week! The headline news over the weekend was of theAlan Duncan Israeli ‘sting’ where some silly remarks by a minor Israeli Embassy official have been blown into a major row. Lots of shock/horror pompous remarks about Israelis influencing British government etc.

Meanwhile there is something a little more serious going on in Israel -Four Soldiers killed in Jerusalem A Palestinian terrorist ran a lorry into a group of young Israeli soldiers killing four of them including three women.

c1q7_eeuaaaoels The four young people killed – many others injured.

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