How “God Saved Me From Suicide”: Former Atheist Rock Star Lacey Sturm Finds Jesus.

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Former atheist Lacey Sturm is someone familiar with pain and suffering. Perhaps for listeners of alternative music in the 2000’s the band Flyleaf will ring a bell. Their hit single, I’m So Sick, is telling in of itself with lyrics suggesting a great deal of underlying pain (1). The lead singer of that song was Sturm.

When she was a teenager Sturm fell into a deep depression as she saw no purpose or reason for her life. She says that this was a direct implication from embracing atheism as a worldview, “When you’re an atheist, if life gets too hard, there’s really no reason to keep going…” In chatting with Fox News Sturm explains that her childhood brought a lot of pain and trauma especially after an incident involving her cousin, “When I was ten-years-old, my cousin, who was about three at the time, was beaten to death by…

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