My Only “Political” Post of the Year

The Biblical Review

I encourage all people to listen to this song. If the song is too heavy or loud, I encourage you to consider the lyrics in the song. Also, checkout the footnotes the lyrics. I’ve attached the lyrics with their footnotes below the video for your convenience:

I saw you stumble out from the social slaughter house, oppression’s progeny, you lift your head and plead for mercy. Rocks began as building blocks until they turned to throwing stones; a monolith of dominance we set atop your plinth of bones.[01]

This privilege[02] is a prism, reflecting our indecision, the iniquities of inhibition, our indifference gave way to a prison.[03] Classes at war,[04] castes are born – criminals are sworn in.[05]

Place your hands to the pulse of this city,[06] keep your ear to the ground, hear her gasp, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”[07]

Are we so blind to believe that violence could give birth to…

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