Being A Preacher In-Between Churches

Applied Faith

After 3 years of leading a ministry, my wife and I handed off the work to the next group of leaders who would carry it on.  We had a huge sense of fulfillment watching God heal so many lives, and we had had a front row seat.  People who came to the group broken and lost experienced their families restored, addictions recovered from, careers and commitments reaffirmed, and all in community together.  We prayed, learned, listened, loved, hoped, grieved and celebrated so much as a family of Jesus followers.  Then that season of ministry was finished.  A huge hole opened up in our lives.

There hadn’t been time to reach out around the church-house to other small-groups, so after 3 years we didn’t have anything like what most people experience in their church community.  It almost felt like we had to join the church all over again.  We weren’t connected…

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