Light Engaging Darkness 5 –

1) Feel the Hate – Barcleona, Finland and Charlottesville –


The world seems full of violence and hate.  one person killed in Charlottesville by a far right extremist, another two in Finland and 14 in Barcelona by Islamists.    What has astounded me, and it really shouldn’t because now  we should expect it, is the different reactions from most of our media and many of our politicians and commentators.   On the one hand we have  an endless stream of news about the danger of far right extremists in the United States. On the other, any time an Islamist attack occurs, our media and politicians are very quick to reassure us that this has nothing to do with Islam and that to even suggest that it does is to commit the sin of Islamaphobia!

Once again Brendan O’Neill expresses it best

“The footage coming out…

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