Summary of Revelation Chapters 14-16 [1]

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The End Times

In my last post, we unpacked Revelation 16:17-21 to explore The Seventh Bowl. In this post, we summarize what we have learned from Revelation Chapters 14-16.

We have now concluded the final cycle of sevens: Seals, Shofars, and Bowls. 

The Historicist view has seen the final overthrow of the papacy depicted in these final judgments.  The language is primarily symbolic, referring to the French Revolution and subsequent events in Europen history; as well as some yet future event that topples the papacy.

The Preterist position is divided between those who see this as a continuation of the prophecy of the downfall of Jerusalem and those who believe that subject was left behind [no pun intended] in Chapter 11.  The latter opinion sees this section as representing God’s judgment upon the Roman Empire.

Futurists find in these chapters the very end of the Tribulation period. …

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