The Gospel Impact of the Reformation – #wrf500


I am currently with Annabel in Wittenberg at a conference organised by the World Reformed Fellowship entitled ” The Gospel Impact of the Reformation”  – Relevance for Continuing Reformation.    I have been taking notes and thought it might be profitable to share some of the experience and teaching.

We arrived too late to hear Dr Billy Kristanto (Indonesia), Dr Rob Norris (USA) and Dr Michael Horton (USA).   However we did manage to meet with Don Carson and Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali and then heard the evening talk from Dr Herman Selderhuis (the Netherlands).

His talk was entitled –  Celebrating the Start not the End of the Reformation

It was primarily about the heart of the matter.  Apparently you can get Luther socks, Luther sweets and even Luther pasta in Germany just now.   But this is not what Luther was about.   His primary goal  was not a Reformation of society or…

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