I Can’t Believe…..in a God of Inequality



Equality is a fundamental value of our culture…the only problem is that everyone speak about it but they are often neither able to define it or give a basis for it.  What Christians need to realise is that the word and concept of equality has been stolen from Christianity…we need to take it back.

I preached this a couple of weeks ago

These are the notes:

Time to think.
Where do you get your info from? Google…Wiki….

I don’t apologise for asking you to think and to try and work these things out..and to question.

But be careful that your questioning is not accusation based on your feelings or what you have imbibed from the culture.   

  • The Problem

 I believe in equality. But the bible doesn’t. It oppresses women, gays, blacks etc.In Scotland there has been a strong egalitarianism. Jock Tamsons Bairns…a Mans a man for a’ that…

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