Commodifying God

Samaritan's Song

I live and work near several major universities, and my town is college football crazy.  Go out on game day and you’ll see everyone on the street decked out in the colors of the local university.  Bars and stores are full to bursting; every single local shop has at least a small stock of university merchandise and apparel.

That’s fine, as far as it goes.  I like football, too.  And though ice hockey is my real obsession, I understand the nature of fervent fandom.

But I saw something this past Saturday that made me do a double take.  My husband and I were at a local craft fair, inspecting various booths and displays.  Many were selling university merchandise – everything from university-themed Christmas trees to special sweatshirts to tiny university sweaters for dolls.  But at a stand stocked with American flags and plaques with spiritual sayings, I stopped and…

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