Insanity of the Gender Fluidity Debate – Letter in the Courier

The Trans hysteria continues.  Already this week a teacher in England has been disciplined for ‘misgendering’ a pupil (even Peter Tatchell tweeted that this was over the top!)  and a whole Labour party committee have resigned because one of their number, a Lesbian,  was being bullied for being a TERF  (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist).   A sociology lecturer at Abertay University has warned about the consequences of the Scottish Governments proposals to allow 16 year olds to self-identify as they please.  Dundee City Council’s Equalities Officer immediately went to the press and attacked him – see the article below.   My response was published in The Courier today.

clipping (3)clipping (5)

I am grateful that The Courier published this letter.  A day will come when they will not be permitted to do so – if Councillor Murray gets his way.   Already yesterday he began a Twitter storm of abuse against me – accusing me of…

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