Four Ways to Witness to Atheists

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Four Ways to Witness to Atheists

My next-door neighbors are not atheists. They are Muslims, New Age pagans, agnostics, nominal Christians, and one family of evangelical Christians.

Most people in the United Kingdom (where I live) are not card-carrying atheists (20%), even less so in the United States (14%). However, many people are atheists by default, with “no religion” being the self-designation of 50% for the UK and 23% for the US.

Many Bible-believing Christians view this as a complete disaster. I have a slightly different perspective. In my experience, it is much harder to reach religious and nominally religious people than it is to reach atheists. And I want to encourage all Christian brothers and sisters not to see their atheist neighbors as threats to their faith, but as reachable people who need the good news of Jesus Christ.

To help…

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