Unbelievable – A Depressing Conversation with Jonathan Bartley



On Friday I had the privilege of doing another ‘Unbelievable’ programme with Justin Brierley.  The other guest was Jonathan Bartley, founder of Ecclesia and co-leader of the Green Party in England and Wales – another professing Christian.   We were there to discuss whether, in the light of the Tim Farron affair, Christians are being excluded from public life in the UK.   Although it was a good discussion I found the whole experience depressing and a warning about what is happening to the church across the UK. (You can hear the whole programme by clicking here 

 So why did I find it depressing?   Jonathan Bartley was lovely – intelligent, articulate and a delight to meet. Justin is still one of the best hosts and presenters you will ever come across.   I don’t think there was any real hostility and the discussion was interesting. However I went away with a feeling…

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