John 11:1-6 – Jesus Cuncator; O the Deep, Deep, Love of Jesus

For some reason the morning sermon did not record but the evening one from Sinclair was absolutely stunning….it was on John 11: 1-16 and entitled  ‘Jesus Cunctator’ (if you want to know what it means listen below! )

In the morning I preached on Romans 5:1-5 “Peace, Hope, Glory and Love”.  Here is one of the quotes from it…

“And by the word stand, he means, that faith is not a changeable persuasion, only for one day; but that it is immutable, and that it sinks deep into the heart, so that it endures through life. It is then not he, who by a sudden impulse is led to believe, that has faith, and is to be reckoned among the faithful; but he who constantly, and, so to speak, with a firm and fixed foot, abides in that station appointed to him by God, so as to cleave always to…

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