Hebrews 2:1-4 – Do Not Drift Away

Reading Acts

This paragraph is the first of several “exhortations” from author to drawing practical implications of the theology he is presenting. These are not secondary afterthoughts to make the theology look practical, they are the logical outworking of the theology and are probably the real reason he is writing, to exhort his readers to live a proper Christ-like life. (See Hebrews, 13:22, the entire book is intended as a “word of exhortation.”)

This is a logical a fortiori argument. The writer starts with an accepted truth, then moves to a logically related truth which has even more reason to be accepted. His argument is: if our salvation is greater than what Israel experienced under the Law, then so too the judgment will be greater if someone drifts away. He offers warning, then the reason for the warning, then he offers evidence from Scripture and experience.

First, the writer gives a stern…

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