Letting in the Light

Apocryphal Writings

A sermon on Psalm 139 and 1 John 1:5-2:2, preached at Port Charlotte United Methodist Church

We grow up being taught that human beings have five senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.  We can lose one or more of these senses, and some within our congregation have suffered such losses, but we can’t naturally turn them on and off (save, of course, for closing our eyes).  If we have them, they’re pretty much “on” all the time.  All of these senses pertain to our perception of phenomena in the natural, physical world. The author of the 139th Psalm, however, bears witness to another sense, one that allows him to perceive a particular Phenomenon in the spiritual world – God.  And what a remarkably keen sense of God this psalmist has!  How vivid, how deeply personal, how real God is to him!

LORD, you have searched me and…

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