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“Morning Light in Tranjska Gora,” ©2018 Lynn Abbott Studios. Used with Permission.

©2018 Lynn Abbott

“Climb every mountain/Ford every stream/Follow every rainbow/’Til you find your dream…” (Rogers and Hammerstein).

I played it again and again.  So often, in fact, that I scratched the LP. Nevertheless, my 8-year-old self continued to belt out the chorus.

Press the Pause Button.

During a recent professional interview, someone asked me, “How did you get your start as an artist?”

Obviously, for some, it appears I’m living the dream.

I paused… uncertain how to answer the question.

Pause… Yeah, that about describes the majority of my journey.  In fact, looking back, the pause button truly played a significant role in my life.

And for a time, I believed the melody had ceased; indeed, it seemed the music had been replaced by the cacophony of necessity…every day living.

Maybe, you can relate.  You had dreams as…

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