Take Heart – with Matt Chandler


Take Heart with Matt Chandler

51HYIZ0wBCL._SY346_Sometimes books from the US about cultural change, evangelism and the Bible don’t translate all that well outside of the US. Matt Chandler’s Take Heart is an exception.   It’s a small book that packs an enormous punch and is just so encouraging.

I’d just finished preparing to speak on the subject of ‘courage’ at the Katoomba Christian Convention – when I read Take Heart. I’m kind of glad I hadn’t read it before because I would have been sorely tempted to either just repeat it or tell our Australian brothers and sisters to buy the book and go home!

After giving us a succinct, accurate and somewhat brutal analysis of where the West is today (and the different attitudes to culture – convert, condemn or consume) he then goes on to encourage us to live as Christians in this regressive society.

“I want to give…

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