Prepare the Way of the Lord

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

Recently, I read the following statement about the way of the Lord:

When the Old Testament writings talk about the ‘way’ being made straight, the usual consequence is that this will prevent you from stumbling. If God directs your path you will not fall down or stumble. However, the ‘way of the Lord’ is also made straight or level. Both of these phrases reappear in the New Testament.

The translation of the word “way” (Hebrew derek) takes different meanings in the Old Testament. The word derek can be translated to mean a road, journey, manner, custom and even sexual favor. The word derek is also used as a metaphor for the actions and behavior of human beings as in Psalm 1. Used as a figurative language, the word derek also means the way people live their lives.

Several passages in the book of Proverbs show that when the Lord…

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