Tyndale Fellowship Conference Philosophy of Religion Lineup

CWoznicki Think Out Loud

In June I will be hopping over the pond to take part in the Tyndale Fellowship’s Philosophy of Religion conference. The line up of speakers includes several friends of mine who will undoubtedly be presenting great papers. The Tyndale Lecture will be given by Harry Bunting. His talk is titled “Prolegomena to a Christian Moral Anthropology.”
Here is a brief abstract:
Recent years have witnessed several notable defences of the classical theory of human evil by Augustinians and also by analytical philosophers. This is significant since the intellectual environment has, for some time, been hostile to such a view.

The Lecture will examine the plausibility of this key concept of Judaic-Christian moral anthropology. Issues dealt with will include the belief that evil is a ‘privation’ rather than a real property, that it cannot intelligibly be viewed as innate, that it is less important since it is a ‘thin’ moral concept…

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