The Unfathomable Love of our Heavenly Father toward Us!

Becoming Christians

Do you know how much God loves you? In this post, let me share with you a touching story of what it is like to make the greatest sacrifice just to save others. Read on to learn God’s magnificent love toward us!

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I want to share a story with you, which I read in the past. I have reworded it to make it shorter. As you read the story, I want you to put yourself in the shoes of the main character. The story goes like this:

The day is over and while you are driving home, you tune in the radio. The broadcasters are talking about a mysterious disease that has killed three people in an obscure village in India. Since it is far from home, you couldn’t care less.

The next day, you hear the same news about the mysterious disease. Now, it has killed not just three…

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