Bookmarked Memories

Steve A. Wiggins

Weren’t newspaper clippings more fun than bookmarks? For one thing, bookmarks are hidden away in your browser where they proliferate like bunnies in April. Clippings were always limited in number, to the level of your interest. Or physical storage capacity. I once decided to organize all my bookmarks into “folders.” I’m still not finished and some websites don’t seem to fit any category. Still, the exercise is an eye-opening one. I’ve been on thousands of webpages, hundreds of which I want to remember. With newspaper clippings, there were a limited supply and they felt—let’s face it—real. These words and images were printed on tangible paper. Kept in a file (or in old movies, tacked to a bulletin board that inevitably contained clues), they were visible reminders of something that caught your attention.

I’ve seen movies made where research is being done on the internet. They involve people who know they…

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