Learned Ghosts

Steve A. Wiggins

For one memorable year of what I call a career, I taught at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. One in a series of near misses, this came close to becoming a full-time job. Apart from a couple of rather humorless colleagues, the department was welcoming and an enjoyable place to be. I even got to know the dean, now elsewhere, and planned on working on a project with him. It was a memorable year in many respects. One was its inherent strangeness. I was living away from home while teaching there, and saw some odd things on my drives through the Wisconsin countryside. It also happened to be at Oshkosh that I first discovered H. P. Lovecraft, so the weirdness was, in a word, enhanced.

Students like to tell ghost stories.  A recent article by Jocelyne LeBlanc on Mysterious Universe caught my eye because it tells of students in Oshkosh…

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