This Anxious Age

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Intentional Faith

This past year has, not surprisingly, contributed to a spike in anxiety. You already know why—a global pandemic, sheltering in place, online schooling, unstable job markets, the inability to go to church or meet with friends, racial injustice and tensions, politics, and social media.

By now, you’ve heard thousands of stories on those themes.

But here’s what you might not have heard on the news: Couples got married. Children were born, fostered, and adopted. Some families tried homeschooling and thrived. Some of those who worked from home bonded tightly with their spouses and children. Churches handed out food to the hungry. People were introduced to church via livestream, and some came to know the Lord. Small groups took care of each other.

Nearly half of Americans whose religion is important to them said their faith grew stronger during the pandemic. And 86 percent of churchgoers said they were proud of…

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