Contend, Dear Ones

Into the Foolishness of God

Heidi St. John is a Christian writer and leader of ‘Momstrong International’, an organization focused on equipping moms to raise confident and wise warriors for Christ in today’s sin-sick world. She has a great website which I link at the bottom here, but I wanted to share her thoughts from an upcoming Bible study on the book of Jude. This is like a splash of cold water to the face… a wake up call to never stop contending for truth and faith. Politics will inevitably be mixed into our fight, but Christians must see it all through a Biblical lens. I’d encourage youth take a closer look at this little book in the back of your Bible. Look closer at what is required of a believer of Christ in times of trial. Remain in fellowship with other believers and ask for wisdom in these critical areas. The days of living…

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