The Kingdom of God in Luke (Pt. 1)



I am posting first drafts from my book ‘The Words of the Covenant, Vol. 2 – NT Continuity.’

According to Richard Hays, “The overall design of Luke’s two-volume work… highlights God’s purpose in fulfilling the promise of redemption for his people Israel.”[1]  There is little doubt that this purpose is concentrated on the Kingdom of God, for more than half of the NT’s uses of the term are found in Luke/Acts.[2]  Luke never uses the term incidentally; he is always strategic in his placement of it.  Therefore it is central to his purpose.  But what is the Kingdom of God?   It seems that the majority opinion is that the “kingdom of God” is the promised kingdom of the Davidic covenant but somehow it has changed from a Jewish/Israelite based covenant into a Church based covenant.  Oftentimes there is a presumption that since Luke – Acts…

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