A Life of Writing

Scribes and Memories

Steve A. Wiggins

One problem with being a graphomaniac is forgetting what you’ve written. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this. Once we had the eminent historian Owen Chadwick to our house for dinner. We of course had invited some students as well. At one point one of the students asked him about something in one of his books. The famed historian shook his head, not recalling it. “One writes so much,” he replied. Now, I’m not comparing myself with a knighted academic of international fame, but his remark in our living room has stayed with me all these years. There are over 4,400 published posts on this blog, over a million and a half words, by my calculation. Not even I remember everything I wrote. “One writes so much…”

Just the other day I was looking for something I wrote. You see, when I get an idea for a book…

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