Here’s one for the one who is called not to please the crowd


The other evening, I was sitting at a café.

Sitting at a Cafe

It was strange and awkward observing people and some things that went on and I was thinking to myself how times have changed.

Some of the things I saw did not seem to be normal. Darkness has spread, and the world has accepted it as though it is normal.

‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.’

John 1:5 (NLT)

The light must spread. We need more people to spread the light.

During the early days after I took my Baptism, I invited my office colleagues’ home for Christmas.

I was excited and looked forward to share about Jesus with them. However, I did not know how to share the gospel, nor did I know any Bible verse.

So, I got a chart paper, gift bags and some goodies. I cut the…

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