“The mountains quake before him; the hills melt; the earth heaves before him, the world and all who dwell in it.” Nahum 1:5

Through all our perils, fears and woes, the Lord is there to guide us,

He runs to us when we are crushed and tenderly revives us,

When all the world in sin decays, and burnsinto the ground,

We still can rest in confidence that God is still around,

The mountains bow before His sight, the hills are in His hands,

Each creature in His path bends low, the desert fills with sands,

The wells dry up and fields grow brown as He consumes it all,

Yet still our God controls His wrath, He’ll never let us fall,

He has the pow’r to wipe us out, His breath is in the wind,

He knows our hearts and all therein, and how to Him we’ve sinned,

But He will…

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