ELF Poland – Day 2 – Saturday 30th May – Small Churches and Big Encouragements


It was strange waking up in  in a church creche – beside Tom Courtney – not my worst nightmare – just the reality of the glamour that is Christian ministry!  Our hosts brought breakfast into us – coffee, brown bread with cheese, ham, cucumber, tomatoes and jam. It was delicious – I really love the Polish food.  It is tasty, healthy and there are lots of sausages and tomatoes!
We moved into the main church building where Tom spoke for the first half of a three hour conference (translation made it twice as long).  It was a good group with a significant humber of younger people. I did the second half speaking about engaging with atheists.  This group in the city all knew atheists,  the later country group was smaller and had less people who knew atheists.  I was impressed with this church – small but with a lovely sense…

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