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Dig into the Nuance of Biblical-Word Meanings

Explore the bible with the bible sense lexicon.

One of the most important parts of finding treasure is knowing where to dig. What if you came across a map with 298 x’s? You would have no clue where to even start digging, and even if you did it would take hours before you were able to find what you were looking for. What if there was a tool that helped you filter that 298 down to half a dozen? That sounds a lot more doable right?

Think about the difficulty of the English language:

“When he said he went to lie down he told a lie.”
“The man didn’t cave when he was threatened to be thrown in a cave full of snakes.”
“I saw your saw, I believe it was under the see-saw.”
The same word can have very different meanings. Often, we face the same challenges when studying the Bible.

Imagine you’re preaching on the topic of the soul in your next sermon, and you want to narrow in on the idea of the soul as the “inner person.” The Bible Sense Lexicon provides an intuitive visual tool that allows you to drill deeper into the meanings you want to explore. It provides a graphical representation of the frequency of a word sense across the Old and New Testaments. It gives you the original-language lemmas associated with that sense, and where those lemmas appear in scripture. You can even click through to Greek and Hebrew lexicons for more in-depth study.

Follow the link to Logos Bible Software!


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