16 September 1747 Benedict XIV issues “Apostolici Ministerii munus” preventing the divorce of Jewish converts #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


BENEDICT XIV (PROSPERO LAMBERTINI) was the two hundred and fifty-fourth pope; born at Bologna in 1675; elected pope Aug. 17, 1740; died May 3, 1758. This pope, who graciously accepted a dedication from Voltaire and was full of amenity toward all heretics, thought it his duty to pursue by all means the conversion of the Jews. In 1747 he issued a bull regulating Jewish conversions. According to this bull all children above seven years of age could be baptized without the consent of their parents. A Christian nurse was allowed to baptize her Jewish charge against the will of the parents. One of the latter could baptize the child contrary to the wish of the other; and the grandfather could baptize his fatherless grandchild against the will of its mother.


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By a decree dated Sept. 16 of the same year, Benedict forbade converted married Jews to divorce their wives according…

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