Daily Devotionals: (16th Sept.) Meditations on the Fall of Peter

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The Faith of Following Christ

daily-devotionalsThe form and manner of Peter’s second denial as it is variously recorded in the gospels is nevertheless related. One writer records the words “I know not the man” (Matthew 26:72) while the other records the words “I am not of them” (Luke 22:58). One might think these are two separate denials, but they are not.

Can a man know Christ and not follow Him? No. We see here the mystery of faith in the fall of Peter. No man knows Christ unless he follows Him and to whom Christ has united Himself. If it is true that we are not one with Christ, it is also true that we do not know him, because knowledge consists in union with Christ. It is for this reason that the philosopher said, the soul, in understanding a thing, is made the very thing which it understands. In…

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