3 November 1900 Max Rosenstrauch completes his task #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History



Max Rosenstrauch, who  was born and educated as a Jew at Lemberg, took up the  work, which he prosecuted with zeal and energy.(Gidney 1908:445)

Bernstein, who know Max Rosenstrauch (“Rose bush”) well and worked alongside him on several occasions summarises his life and ministry. Gidney also, in his history of CMJ, mentions him seven times. Here is Bernstein’s account:

Rosenstrauch, Max, was born at Lemberg, on September 1, 1837. His parents Moses and Scheindell, were strictly orthodox, and brought him up in the [433] straitest customs of strict Judaism. As he grew up, they were proud of his Talmudical knowledge, their intention being that he should become a rabbi. When seventeen years old, family circumstances compelled him, however, to go into business, and he was apprenticed to a merchant, with whom he remained ten years. In 1865, he accepted the post of a schoolmaster in Jassy.

Whilst there he heard of…

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