Dear Christian, please stop misunderstanding the Old Testament.

Viewpoint Of The Cross

Is the Old Testament a book of moral lessons and life philosophies? Or is the Old Testament a historical narrative? How should we, as believers who claim redemption in Christ and complete submission to His word, treat this collection of Biblical truth?4975296555_bd1050daa6
To answer these important, life-changing questions, I want to present two summaries of the biblical account of David and Goliath and use them as an example of literal and allegorical interpretations. See if you notice the difference between the following statements:
1. David was a young shepherd boy who defended the God of the Israelites by slaying a mighty giant.
2. David was a young shepherd boy who defeated a mighty giant showing that God can help little guys do great things.

Of these two summaries, which is more inspiring, more applicational? By human standards, the second offers a life lesson, a wonderful, nicely presented package of sentimentality…

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