The Incest Petition – Another Brick Removed from the Wall

For the past few years we have been warning that if the society rejects the bible’s teaching about sex, sexuality and humanity, then SSM would not be the only brick to be taken out of the wall.  I believe that in order the next to fall will be the taboos and laws against polygamy, incest and pedophilia.  And so bit by bit it is happening.  In these past few days I have read about the British welfare state subsidising polygamy, a conference in Cambridge declaring that pedophilia is ‘natural’ and of course the incest petition going before the Scottish parliament.
I released the statement below through the Free Church and it was picked up by a couple of newspaper and STV.    I knew that it would be met with a storm of abuse and disgust – and it was.  There were some comments that are too vile to be published…

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