Review: The Miracles of Jesus


When it comes to Christianity, inevitably the topic of miracles will come up. Vern Poythress, professor of New Testament interpretation at Westminster Theological Seminary, presents four main issues (though there are more) the that come up in the debates about miracles:

  1. The existence of God. If God doesn’t not exist, then miracles certainly do not exist.
  2. What kind of God- Is God a distant, deistic God? If so, he’s irrelevant to our daily living.
  3. The credibility of miracles in the Gospels. Can we even believe the Gospel’s authors? Didn’t they merely write to turn Jesus into a legend?
  4. Who is Jesus? Was he really the Messiah? Or a good prophet? Maybe he was a nice guy, who told stories, and ‘legends’ just don’t hold up.

Sure, we could go into more detail, but already we have a lot to work with in terms of discussing miracles with non-supernaturals. But even…

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